SDFA will be offering exciting audition workshops for 3-DifferEnt age groups on Sunday, June 26th

Grade 2-4 - 11:00-12:30      $35

Grade 5-8- 1:00-3:30      $65

Grade 9-12- 4:00-6:30      $65

All workshops will be at Lively Arts Dance Academy (919 w. 55th Street in Countryside)

Grades 5-12 bring any audition material you have including monologues, tracks, sheet music, resumes, head shots.  You do NOT need these materials to take the workshop but it will be beneficial to have at least one piece to work on. If auditioning for Schoolhouse Rock Live or Heathers this could be a great opportunity to work your audition pieces one last time before auditions.  You do not need to be auditioning for any of the summer shows at SDFA to sign up.  This workshop will be beneficial for any upcoming/ future audition.  Grades 2-4 do not need to bring materials.