What if I want to audition for one of your shows but I have a conflict with the audition dates?  

  • Send us a message on our contact page and we can figure out a time for you to audition early or send in an audition video.  

How much is the tuition for the shows?  

  • Tuition for each show is $400 per actor.

What does the tuition money go towards? 

  • For the performer- Materials (Script and music) and Education

  • For the Productions - Royalties, Theatre Rental, Rehearsal Space, Programs, Technical Aspects, Sets, lighting, some costuming and other production necessities.

Does Stage Door Fine Arts provide Tuition Discounts?

  • Limited scholarship assistance is available based strictly on financial need. Scholarship applications are due PRIOR to auditions. Please note that additional volunteer service is expected of parents and/or cast members over age 18 years when scholarship support is provided. IMPORTANT: Most shows also require purchase of specific shoes, costume pieces, other supplies or costume fees and optional Show T-shirts/Hoodies, Cast Party, Photo discs and DVDS. Send us a message on our contact page for information on how to apply for a scholarship.

Do you offer payment plans for your productions?

  • Typically the full tuition is due at the first rehearsal of a production.  For those who may need more time to pay the tuition, please ask us about a payment plan.

Do you offer refunds on the tuition if I drop out after rehearsals have begun?

  • Unfortunately we do not offer refunds after rehearsals have begun.  Our production budgets are based on the number of actors in the show and once we start rehearsals the tuition for each member of the cast is accounted for, therefore we will not give a refund for any reason.  The only time a refund will be given is if you are cut from the production at the time of auditions by the directors.  Refunds will not be given if asked to leave the cast because of discipline problems. 

Can I be a part of more than 1 show at a time?

  • Yes, if you fit the age requirements for multiple shows you may be a part of more than one. 

What if I want to do the show but cannot make it to rehearsals?  

  •  We will allow for minimal rehearsal conflicts but attendance is very important and all conflicts must be listed at the time of auditions. If you think you have too many conflicts be sure to talk with us as we often can make it work!!

What is a callback?

  • Callbacks are used when the directors need to see an actor audition further.  Callbacks usually involve actors performing material from the show and for certain characters.  Not being called back does not mean you are not being considered for a role in the production.  

Do I have to be a cast member of one of your productions to attend a Broadway Master Class?  

  • No!  The Broadway Master Classes are open to anyone ages 9+.  There is a fee per student per class. (We do not currently have any Broadway Masterclasses scheduled! Past masterclasses have been lead by - Sierra Boggess, Ashley Brown, Telly Leung, Ian Liberto, Brynn Williams, Eamon Foley, Tara Young and more. )

For all other questions visit our contact page!